Bundesliga Matchday 25

So what's up with Matchday 25? Here are some things to look out for.

Bayer Leverkusen vs. VFL Wolfsburg
Bayer is to me the most underrated team in the league. They play so well (good passing, marvelous solos by Sidney Sam e.g.) but yet not much is written about them. Media interest concentrates on Bayern, Dortmund and also Hannover as they are doing surprisingly well. Once Ballack gets into better shape and improves his form, Leverkusen is the best club behind Dortmund and really hard to beat.
Wolfsburg does not have much to hold against them. Diego, their no 10 playmaker, is what we call a "diva": sometimes brilliant, most of the time just to arrogant. This weekend he's going to show his arrogant side. My tip: Leverkusen 2:0 Wolfsburg

Match of the Day: Hannover vs. Bayern
After their dissapointing loss this Wednesday, Bayern Munich really needs to focus on the last chance that they have to get to the international cups next season: qualify through a good placement in the league. Preferably ranks 1-3 because then they would get a chance to play in the highest of European cups, the Champions League.
Interestingly, their opponent is Hannover 96 (best team ever, for sure ;D) who are for the first time in club history placed ahead of Bayern this late in the season. If Hannover manages to pull off a victory or at least a draw, they stay on track to the Champions League themselves. Also, Bayern's coach Louis van Gaal might get fired if they lose to Hannover!
But Bayern usually plays strong when under pressure. Their individual quality is so hard to defend against and to be honest, I am afraid Hannover might lose. Even more so because Ya Konan will miss the match due to an injury. My Tip: Hannover 1:3 Bayern.

On a Site Note: Premier League: Liverpool vs ManU
On Sunday there'll be Liverpool vs ManU in the Premier League. Liverpool are unbeaten in their last five matches at home while the leaders have now lost two of their last four away. Sir Alex Ferguson's men will try to recover from their 2-1 defeat at Chelsea which made the title race itneresting again.
Kenny Dalglish's men will also be determined to recover from losing 3-1 at West Ham United.
United have already beaten Liverpool twice at Old Trafford this season but have lost on their last two visits to Anfield Road. My Tip: Liverpool 1:2 ManU


  1. Liverpool vs ManU...not even a match Liverpool is gonna get it for sure.

  2. When you beat Bayen Muenchen, Dortmund is gonna be the champion, I guess!


    Hopefully we're going to kick bayerns asses!

  4. Leverkusen VfL 1:2
    Hannover vs Bayern 0:3
    Liv ManU 1:3


  5. Jcache says it right i imagine, but i still don't want United to win..

  6. forgot about this clash but i can only see united winning it (chelsea fan here)

  7. Man, I love Bayern's dynamic gameplay. Up the Bayerns!

  8. Can't wait! but i'm going to need to stream it online because my cable went out... ugh...

  9. Looking forward to it! Followed!

  10. LOoks like a great game! thanks for sharing!

  11. How about liverpool? I didn't expect that.

  12. liverpoo vs manu was sick. never seen liverpoo so strong this season