Real Madrid - FC Barcelona

Halftime right now. 0 - 0 so far but very exciting match.

I hope you are watchin'!


Quote of the Day - David Beckham

Back from vacation with a quote of the day:

"Alex Ferguson is the best manager I've ever had at this level. Well, he's the only manager I've actually had at this level. But he's the best manager I've ever had." -David Beckham, former ManU-player, on his coach back then.

Prooves once again that you don't need much brain to be a good footballer. I'm not saying David hasn't improved. He managed to shape a big international career so he clearly knows how to promote himself. Oh and also that goal vs. Greece was great :)


One quarter of a century

Today, March 31st, is my birthday :)

One of the presents I got is a headset from Sennheiser, if any of you know that brand. Amazing quality, I'm enjoying it right now.

Anyways, I'm off celebrating!


Germany 4 : 0 Kazakhstan

Goals: 1-0 Klose (3'), 2-0 Müller (25'), 3-0 Müller (43'), 4-0 Klose (88')

Germany took another step closer to the finals of EURO 2012 in Poland/Ukraine with an untroubled 4-0 victory over Group A whipping boys Kazakhstan in Kaiserslautern.

Two goals apiece from Miroslav Klose - celebrating a decade of playing for the national team - and Thomas Müller made it five wins out of five for Joachim Löw's team, who are already eight points clear of closest pursuers Belgium and Austria.

I watched the game yesterday and it was a good first half. The sescond half was not that impressive, Germany was too satisfied with leading 3-0. Best players for me: Özil and Müller.

I also watched part of England vs. Wales before that. I fell asleep after 20 minutes though, because my couch is just too comfortable. No problem, because England scored their 2 goals right at the beginning of the game. Did anybody see the rest? Was it good?



Hey Guys,

I have Exams until Tuesday so I won't be able to post much. Maybe 1-2 posts over the weekend. But be sure to check back after that!


Video Wednesday: Playing beyond the Rules

On March 13 this year, the second Bundesliga matchup of Cottbus vs. Osnabrück was suddenly interrupted, when Osnabrück's Flamur Kastrati fell into unconsciousness after a duel with an opponent.

Apparently Kastrati war heavily injured and had to be taken off the pitch and tight to a hospital. There the 19-year-old was diagnosed with a spinal trauma.

The players of both teams demanded that the match should be ended right there, but referee Marc Seemann (who was the ref in Hannover's match one week later) insisted on adding a 12 minute overtime. This is what the players did with that time:

I respect the players decision to continue this way. I couldn't have continued normally either. Cottbus won the match 2-0.

Do you think this is the right way to do it? Btw: Kastrati returned to practice after 10 days and will recover fully.