Bundesliga: Dortmund unstoppable?

The weekend featured a matchup of the best two teams in Germany right now. Dortmund vs. Bayern is a prestigious duel with quite some history. These teams were the last two in Germany to win the Champions League. This season Dortmund has one of the youngest teams ever and is virually unstoppable. The average age in this match was something like 22. Incredible! Their oldest player, goalie Roman Widenfeller (who is only 30, no age at all for a goalie), missed the match due to an injury.

At the beginning of the second leg, Dortmund's young midfielder Kevin Großkreutz predicted that they wouldn't lose a single game for the rest of the season. This still stands, which is quite impressive. Their only two losses happened during the beginning of the season, when Dortmund weren't rolling as much as they are right now.

This weekend the team was perfectly prepared for Bayern by coach Jürgen Klopp. Bayern's feared "Robbery" wingers did not have a single chance, as they were immediately doubled by Dortmund's right/left defender and their respective midfielder once they received the ball. This is the way to go against Bayern. I hope Hannover 96, who are playing Bayern next weekend, can copy some of this. Btw Hannover is the second best home team with 8 wins, 1 draw and 3 losses and Bayern is only the sixth best away team with 4 / 4 / 4. So shouldn't be a problem, right? :)

What do you think about the new "beardy" look of Dortmund's coach Klopp? Is that fashion now?


  1. Soccer IS called FOOTBALL =D the beard is cool

  2. Lol, kinda funny that the oldest guy is only 30, yet he's injured so he's still kinda the old guy out. I'm not sure about the beard, I'm starting to see it pop up more and more, but I always thought we were just getting lazy with our shaving.

  3. Aha awesome story mate, efin' love beards myself. Sick blog by the way, ill make sure to follow youu

  4. Europeans and their beards (; Ahah interesting blog, will be following (: